Put "General Hospital," "ER" and "Whose Line is it Anyway" in a blender to get 90 minutes of short-form improv comic mayhem.

What schemes, betrayals and affairs are currently occupying the PASSIONS of the not-so-nice people of Hidden Valley Rancho GENERAL HOSPITAL? Has THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dr. Jett Black switched from vodka to PORT, CHARLES? Who told him he has only ONE LIFE TO LIVE? Did single motherhood help Dr. Mammary Lane see THE GUIDING LIGHT? (Keep ALL MY CHILDREN away from her new pediatrics clinic!) Can the Chief of Staph Infection, Dr. Jake Belmondo hold up a light bulb AS THE WORLD TURNS around him? Why has THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Clare Contrary, attorney at law, moved THE PRACTICE to Hidden Valley Rancho Hospital? How long can we continue living THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES being upstaged by Dharma Suticle's implants? Find out the answers to these questions and more, next week at Soap Scum.

Soap Scum has been on hiatus since September 12, 2002 and is back for 6 performances in a new location.

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Soap Scum is on hiatus.

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